30 Mar - 2 Apr 2020
TBC, Singapore
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There is a global housing crisis, as access to affordable and decent housing is becoming a central issue around the globe. In growing metropolitan regions, current urbanisation and re-urbanisation patterns coincide with decreasing real household incomes while ineffective administration and regulation struggles to channel public and private investment into desperately needed housing development. In the most prestigious locations, rising inequality is driving house prices even higher with flow-on effects throughout many other urban housing markets. As a result of these market and governance failures, housing affordability reaches all-time lows, poorer households are being priced out of inner-city neighbourhoods and the size, quality and design of the available housing stock becomes increasingly inadequate even for basic, modern living. Disturbingly, this persistent structural crisis has not been mitigated after the Global Financial Crisis but rather has accelerated.

Many fear that the Governments’ reforms for affordable housing funding are not adequate at the moment in many countries. Housing finance seems to be a major issue, with financial institutions being extremely stringent when it comes to lending for affordable housing developments and thereby skewing developers’ focus towards higher end developments. Government of many countries is taking steps towards incentivising and subsidising developers to accelerate the development of affordable homes.

This Marcus Evans large scale event scheduled to take place on 30th March – 2nd April, will provide one-stop-platform to discover and learn how to address these challenges and examine critical affordability issues by determining the income range of low to middle income groups. Explore new construction technologies and innovative building materials and techniques to reduce construction costs and improve operational efficiency. Leverage innovative financing mechanisms to bridge the gap of affordable housing development.

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