8-11 June 2021
Virtual, Singapore Standard Time (SST), Singapore
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Multi Stream Conference

Stream One
Urbanism & Inclusive Communities

In this stream we will discuss the principles of urbanism to be applied increasingly to affordable housing projects at the full range of scales from a single building to an entire community. Urbanism focuses on building walkable, mixed use neighborhoods with a strong sense of place. We will discuss the role of design, planning and architecture to create socially inclusive neighborhood
and communities for the better interaction. We will highlight the importance of human-centric affordable housing projects that has quality of life of its people.

Stream Two
Materials, Technologies & Sustainability

In this stream we are discussing about improving operational efficiency and lowering the construction costs by incorporating sustainable designs, affordable and high quality building materials to get greater productivity. We will explore how governments are subsidising and incentivising for adopting new technologies, material and practices. We are also focusing on cost-effective ways to build housing whilst speeding up the entire construction process by adopting off-site manufacturing in affordable housing construction and using methods such as Pre-fabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC), Design for Manufacturing & Assemble (DfMA) Industrialised Building System (IBS) etc.

Stream Three
Innovative Housing Finance
This stream focuses on innovative financing models and schemes that canserve the needs of the lower and middle income groups to ensure easy accessto home ownership and affordable renting options. We will discuss what are the latest technological innovation in financing mechanisms and what is the potential of blockchain in improving lending processes. We will also explorethe latest business models in mortgage funding. Also how can subsidies createsmart incentive structure for market. We will also explore how crowdfunding is helping to catalyse housing developments.

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